Napa’s Hidden Wineries

At the base of Howell Mountain

At the base of Howell Mountain

Believe it or not, there are some hidden wineries in the Napa Valley. It is hard to escape the crowds when visiting the Napa Valley especially on weekends. Napa’s hidden wineries are sure to be less touristy. Some of these wineries are open by appointment only but don’t let that discourage you. They love to have visitors and will make you feel at home. Use our trusty Trip-Planner to map your driving directions to these secret wineries.

Our Choice of Hidden Wineries in the Napa Valley

• Amizetta Winery - Cabernet Specialist, beautiful vistas
• Buehler Vineyards – Great views, family winery, great prices
• Chappellet Winery – Hillside setting, exquisite wines
• Corison Winery - Cathy Corison makes beautiful Cabernet
• Elyse Winery – Delicious and full flavored red wines
• Kelly Fleming Wines – Amazing caves and Cabernet
• Nichelini Winery - Oldest continuous family winery in Napa Valley
• Round Pond Winery – Terrace setting with wine and food tasting
• Somerston - Experience an all-terrain vineyard tour in the mountains
• Smith-Madrone - A throwback in time on Spring Mountain
• Tres Sabores – Certified organic vineyards, great Zinfandel

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Amizetta Winery

Combine a visit to Buehler Vineyard with Amizetta Winery. It is only about another mile along this same road. Watch for the signs. This is another wonderful family-owned winery. The emphasis at Amizetta is Cabernet Sauvignon made is small lots. The owners are Spencer and Amizetta Clark but two of their sons, Perry and Edward, are taking the helm at the winery. They are making the wine and leading tours and tasting. Be sure to call ahead for your appointment. Make a day of it with your picnic lunch and visit both Amizetta and Buehler.

Tasting room open by appointment only, 707-963-1460
E-mail:, Amizetta

Buehler Vineyards

You won’t find too many visitors at Buehler because the winery is open by appointment only and the winery’s location is at the base of Howell Mountain, some six miles in from the Silverado Trail. Don’t let this stop you from visiting, the views are breathtaking and the wines are a great value. The winery has 55 acres of hillside vineyards planted with Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. The Cab and the Zin are priced very fairly and taste twice as good as many Napa wines at twice the price.

Tasting room open by appointment only, 707-963-2155
E-mail:, Buehler

Chappellet Winery

Chappellet winery is one of those wonderful hidden wineries and a secret place that remains largely an undiscovered treasure in the Napa Valley. The location is off the beaten path on the eastern mountains of the Napa Valley and open by appointment only, so visitors tend not to flock to the Chappellet Winery. Chappellet is located near Hennessey Lake on Highway 128 about three miles east of the Silverado Trail. The views are fantastic. Chappellet is best known for its Cabernet Sauvignon grown on the estate hillside vineyard known as Pritchard Hill. If you would like to visit Chappellet, call the winery or visit their Web site to reserve a scheduled tour spot. (Book a Tour/Tasting)

Tasting room is by appointment only Mon. – Fri. by reservation at 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., and on Sat. and Sun. by reservation at 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., 1-800-494-6379 ex. 4270.
E-mail:, Chappellet

Corison Winery

Even this winery is right on Highway 29 just north of Zinfandel Lane, most travelers miss this winery because the beautiful green barn is set back from the roadway. It is very easy to miss. Cathy Corison is one of Napa Valley’s first women winemakers and is well recognized by her colleagues as one of the more influential winemakers in the entire Valley. Her Corison Cabernet wines have long been noted for their quality and character.

Tasting room open daily even though is says by appointment, 707-963-0826
E-mail:, Corison Winery

Elyse Winery

The Elyse Winery is on Hoffman Lane on the west side of Highway 29 as you near Yountville. If you are traveling north from Napa, you will probably miss Hoffman Lane. That’s a good thing because it is a dangerous left turn to get to Hoffman and Elyse on the west side of Highway 29. For safety sake, we encourage visitors to forget the left turn and instead exit a mile ahead at the first Yountville exit. Turn under the freeway and get back on Highway 29 going south. Technically, the winery is open by appointment only but will take visitors just about any time between 10 and 5. The owners are Ray Coursen and his wife Nancy. Ray does the winemaking and makes delicious red wines. One of our favorites is the Nero Mista, a blend of red varietals that makes a very food friendly and balanced wine.

Tasting room open daily by appointment only, 707-944-2900
E-mail:, Elyse

Kelly Fleming Wines

Heading up the Silverado Trail, Kelly Fleming Wines is near Calistoga. After passing Dunaweal Lane on the left, look for the next right turn at Pickett Road. Drive to the very end of the road and look for the Kelly Fleming signs. The address is 2339 Pickett Road. This winery is by appointment only, so call in advance. No drop-ins. We like the caves here because they are exposed rock, and water vapor is pumped in for the correct humidity. It gives the caves a mystical look. The two red wines are beauties, and both are over the $100 mark. Becky George is the winemaker, and Celia Welch is the consulting winemaker.

Tasting Room is open by appointment.
Phone: (707) 963-0717 Kelly Fleming

Nichelini Winery

This is the oldest, continuously-run family winery in the Napa Valley. The winery is at the top of Sage Canyon Road on Highway 128. It is a small operation with annual production of 1800 cases. The winery has reasonably-priced wines and is best known for its Zinfandel wines. Some of the Zinfandel comes from vines that were planted in 1928. Behind the tasting room and down in a patio is a picnic area and Bocce court. To get to Nichelini head to the Silverado Trail and take the Conn Dam/Lake Berryessa turnoff. At the Y stay to the right and take Highway 128 five miles to Nichelini.

Tasting Room is open Sat. and Sun. 11 to 5 pm or by appointment.
Phone: (707) 942-6849 Kelly Fleming Wines

Round Pond Estate

Round Pond Winery. I do not believe that any other winery in the Napa Valley offers as wine experiences and activites for the wine country visitors. This includes an olive oil tasting as well. Round Pond has a full-time chef and a full-time gardener for its vegetable garden. Round Pond serves up the best in wine and food pairing all year long. As the season changes, so does the food menu. To get to Round Pond from Highway 29 in the Napa Valley take 128 East/Lake Berryessa/Rutherford Rd. Follow Rutherford Rd for 1.2 miles, Round Pond drive way will be on your left hand side. See the Round Pond Website for more specifics.

Specila tours and tasting are by appointment
Phone: 888-302-2575. Round Pond

Smith-Madrone Winery

It all started in 1971 when the Smith Brothers purchased land on Spring Mountain to begin their amazing story of making wine in the Napa Valley. You won’t find a fancy tasting room or barrel room, or any merchandise for sale. The only thing you will find is just pure, honest, old-fashioned conversation and a passion for making good wine. Yes, Smith-Madrone represents the good old days of the Napa Valley. Visitors are welcome at Smith-Madrone, but call ahead to make sure someone is there to show you around. It is a beautiful ride up Spring Mountain and even more beautiful to experience this style of the Napa Valley

Tasting Room is open by appointment Monday to Saturday, 707 963 2283, Smith-Madrone

Somerston Estate Winery

Are you interested in a all-terrain vineyard tour with breathtaking views? You can do this at Somerston Estate. You will be guided by one of their wine specialists, in an open-air all-terrain passenger vehicle, through Somerston’s extensive vineyard property.  Following the tour you will enjoy a tasting of limited production estate wines paired with a selection of artisan cheeses. The cost is $75 per person and is arranged by appointment.  Somerston is located just about a mile and a half from Nichelini.

Tours are by appointment only
Phone: 707-967-8414, email:

Tres Sabores

Julie Johnson is the owner and winemaker of this secret and hidden winery near the base of the Mayacamus Mountains. You will need to call ahead to make an appointment and chances are Julie will lead you on a vineyard tour and have you taste her wonderful wines. Julie’s Cabernet and Zinfandel vineyards are certified organic. You will see bat and owl houses, cover plants, and other sustainable farming practices. This a great trip out to the ranch and something you will not soon forget.

Tasting room is open by appointment only, 707-967-8027
E-mail:, Tres Sabores

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