Wine Country Watercolors – Artist Dale Perkins

daleI would like to introduce our readers to watercolor artist Dale Perkins. Dale and I were teachers together for many years in the Burlingame School District and are good friends. He was one amazing art teacher and art specialist for the district. After retiring from teaching, Dale has been able to devote much of his leisure time to his passion, watercolor painting. With tremendous talent, zeal and enthusiasm, Dale has produced a plethora of wonderful artwork. Dale grew up in San Francisco and has concentrated the majority of his watercolor paintings on famous San Francisco landmarks.

Some time back I showed Dale some of my favorite wine country photos. He pondered them for several minutes and then asked if he could borrow a handful of the photos. A few weeks later we met at our local coffee shop and Dale showed me how he had used the photos. With each of the photographs, he created his interpretation of the wine country scene in a lovely watercolor format. Wow! These are terrific renditions of the wine country, and ones that I have not seen anywhere in my wine country travels. Dale was obviously inspired by the beauty of wine country. Below are four of his wine country watercolor favorites. He has also made these watercolor paintings into notecards. For the wine lover, the notecards offer just the right touch to send a thank you or special message to family and friends.



Any of these wine country watercolors can be ordered from Dale’s website, San Francisco Watercolors. Another one of the cool things that Dale does is commission work for business and for private citizens. Recently, he did an amazing pen and ink work of an English Tudor home of another one of our friends. It’s lovely to see the creative touch that Dale can bring out in his work to highlight the special character of a place.

I was thinking that in wine country there are many very wonderful and appealing winery buildings set against a spectacular backdrop of vineyards, rolling hills and mountain tops. If you own a winery, what a nice addition it would be to display a watercolor painting of your winery in the tasting room. How about a collection of watercolor notecards that depict your winery that you could offer to your wine club members? I think it would be a nice touch and, of course, any time a wine club member uses a notecard it’s a little extra PR for your winery and wines.



Dale likes wine but as I tell him not nearly enough. We need to change our venue from time to time and meet at a wine bar instead a coffee shop. I think a little more wine knowledge and a little glass of wine will inspire Dale to devote more of this spectacular work to wine country points of interest.