Paso Robles Wineries on Highway 46 West

Hidden Paso Robles Wineries

Here are six very different and fascinating wineries. Once you have hit the most popular Paso Robles wineries, it is time to investigate these six hidden and secret wineries. Take a day for each set. Pick up a picnic lunch at one of Paso Robles great deli's then head out for a wonderful experience of wine tasting. These wineries will take you off the beaten path and away from the crowds.

Cass Winery

Cass Vineyards

West of Highway 101

Pipestone Vineyards – Sustainable and organic farming
Dunning Vineyards Estate – A "Find" at the end of the road.
Poalillo Vineyards – Smallest Paso Robles winery

East of Highway 101

Penman Springs – Coziest and friendliest tasting room
Clautiere Vineyards – Most outlandish tasting room, a must see
Cass Vineyards – New winery, best barrel room

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Winery Descriptions, Driving directions, Tasting Room Hours

West Trail

From downtown Paso Robles, take 101 South to Highway 46 West. Drive three miles to Oakdale Road and turn right. Continue a short distance and take a right onto Las Tablas Willow Creek Road. Drive about one mile and watch for Niderer Road coming in on the right. Turn up Niderer Road to Pipestone Vineyards.

Pipestone Vineyards
At Pipestone Vineyards, you will find a small family owned winery run by Jeff Pipes and his wife Florence Wong. They are dedicated to sustainable and organic farming. No chemicals or pesticides are used. The entire vineyard has been designed using principles of feng shui. The wine production is small and the emphasis is on Rhone style wines. These include estate wines of Viognier, Grenache, Mourvedre, and Syrah.

Tasting room open Thursday to Monday, 11 am to 5, Phone: (805) 227-6385
E-mail:, Pipestone Vineyards

Dunning Vineyards Estate Winery
Just up ahead on Niderer Road is Dunning Vineyards. This is another small family run winery. In contrast to Pipestone, Dunning Vineyards makes only one Rhone style wine, a Syrah, while the other wines include Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a Meritage blend. The winemaker is owner Robert Dunning, who you will likely find pouring your wines in the tasting room.

Tasting room open Thursday to Monday, Phone: (805) 238-4763
E-mail:, Dunning Vineyards

Poalillo Vineyards
Poalillo Vineyards is one of the smallest wineries in Paso Robles, producing 1200 cases per year. The owner and winemaker is Charles Poalillo. His flagship wine is Zinfandel and Charles produces three different Zinfandels. These wines come from four estate acres and the combination of soil and climate on this location make for a rich and intense Zinfandel wine. Poalillo Vineyards also produces a Syrah, a Petite Sirah, and a Chardonnay. The grapes for these wines are sourced from other Paso Robles Vineyards. The winery is open by appointment or when Charles puts out the "Open" sign. To get to Poalillo from Dunning, head back down Niderer Road and turn right at Tablas Creek Willow Road and then onto Willow Creek Road. If you like small and unusual, this is the spot.

Tasting room open by appointment, Phone: (805) 238-9593

East Trail

From Downtown Paso Robles drive to 13th Street and turn right. Turn left on No. River Road and then quickly a slight right onto Union Road. Stay on Union Road for approximately 4.5 miles. Turn right on Penman Springs Rd.

Penman Springs Vineyards
Penman Springs is a low-key, very friendly tasting room. Usually, you will find a couple of delicious appetizers to go along with the wines. The wines are all quite good and the best thing, reasonably priced. The dry Muscat Blanc and the Merlot are not to be missed.

Tasting room open Friday - Sunday, 11:00 to 5:30, Phone: (805) 237-7959 Penman Springs Vineyards

Clautiere Vineyards
From Penman, Clautiere is just down the road on Penman Springs. The winery began operation in 2002 and has been kicking ever since. As soon as one spots the tasting room, you will understand that something is up. There is no seriousness here, just fun and some excellent Rhone style wines along with a few others. This tasting room is not to be passed up. What would Napa Valley say about this winery?

Tasting Room Open Daily Noon to 5 p.m, Phone:(805) 237-3789, Clautiere Vineyards

Cass Vineyards
Continue along Penman Springs for 1.5 miles and turn right on Linne Road. Note, during the winter this road could be washed out. If so, you will have to take the long way around. This means going back on Penman. Turn right on Union and right on Genesseo Road. Turn right and then to Linne Road and Cass Vineyards.

You will find things more serious and wine-like at Cass Vineyards. This winery has a very elaborate tasting room with a beautiful tasting area and a great looking barrel room. Everything about the winery is on the chic side. The staff is serious but friendly. But the best part of a visit is the wines. Our two favorites are the Tango, a dry rose Rhone, and the Rockin One, mainly a Grenache wine with an added touch of Syrah. Wines are all estate wines and the production of each is very limited.

Tasting room open daily Noon to 5pm, Phone: (805) 239-1730 Cass Vineyards


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