About Us

About Janelle and Joe Becerra

We have been traveling to wine country and enjoying wine since 1965. Now both retired educators, we have the time and the opportunity to share our wine travel experiences through this Web site.  We do not have a staff, it is just the two of us that work on this Website. The wineries we recommend in our wine trails are ones that we like and think visitors to wine country will enjoy. We believe the wine trails we recommend in each wine region will offer a variety and mixture of wineries that will make your trip to the wine country a memorable adventure. We do not receive any payments or freebies from the wineries on our list.

janelle and Joe at the St. Francis tasting room

Janelle and Joe at the St. Francis tasting room in the Sonoma Valley – Feb. 11, 2016

Here are the criteria we used for selecting the wineries on our wine trails.

  • Tasting room atmosphere – friendly staff, welcome and warm feeling, and not intimidating.
  • Unique – on a particular wine trail, we have attempted to have a variety of wineries, big, small, funky, unusual, so that you have a mixture of experiences.
  • The wine – good wine, unusual wine, value wines.
  • Convenience – the wineries are within a short driving distance from each one another.

The wine information we have listed in the Tasting Room Guide and the Enjoyment Guide is mostly from our own experiences, from reading many wine articles and books, and attending wine events. We consider ourselves to be wine hobbyists and certainly not wine experts. We like a lot of things that wine experts do not like. We love wine and enjoy traveling to wine country. We hope this Web site will provide us with more opportunities to enjoy this good life.